Such Stuff as Dreams...

Does all my life settle down,
The trip has subsided and
Mine eyes,
You shit cad…
I was smacked out of my mind
Prior to this moment.
It’s funny.
I’m a shitty guy. Get out.
Leguish. Leftish.
Both tits.
Act as if the time is for us.
Hearts and minds.
Shitty bitches.
Smiles are lies for cheap, white folks.
Loved you once.

You once asked me,
“How many people?”
“… Have you been with?”
Well the answer is simple,
I just can’t recall.


What is women?
I am pig.
To them,
See bladder.
Splashing bled.
Your truth serum.
And she seemed so nice-ish.
Maybe I should just cut that shit off
And burrow in a shallow gravel.

The Ghey, the Hlight. Polish princess.

Buenas, be us.

Good. Luck. To. Youz.

-simply Bones, simple Bones.

One day I will die
And crumble to dust.
No one to whisper my name,
Recall the things I did.
There won’t be a memory.
It will be quiet blades of grass,
Lulling the wind to sleep.
And how nice the silence will be…
The eternal abyss.
And so why should there be a care?
We are just space dust,
Lowly particles.
Live to die,
It is your birthright.

B D Starling. Kisses from below.

A prescribed type of motion
In this ocean
Of feelings seems bizarre.
Winning doesn’t feel as good,
Unless you’ve lost more.
So don’t be a sucker.
Don’t cry at night.
This is a long, hard
Ruthless fight.

Holy Bones summoning the spirits of implicit attraction and success. Bitch.

If we hated ourselves more
We probably would have died a long time ago…
Too bad there is a thing called self pity

Whilst taking a shit with the door open,
I pondered my existence in a microscopic fashion.
740,318,400 seconds scribbled on the back of a bank receipt.
But that’s not long enough to complete anything.

-Ian as Bones as Nothingness connotes

If the sky fell,
It would be because we were begin Lifted up,
Into nothing.

Instiling value in the wrong places is treacherous
As grabbing a snake by it’s tail will only incur attention from the animals head.
Proceed with caution and precision upon this mountain path.

B. D. Starling

What does it mean to be a masterless man?
Pray to no god except your own.
Prey to no god except you own.